Because of plagiarism concerns I can’t really write anything on the contents of the masters here, at least not in the same phrasings or before it is submitted, as it would be severely counterproductive for, well, both projects. Regardless of that fact quite a lot of interesting things have taken place during the last month!

Something I can say however is that there is a knowledge gap I have found, which I am now in the process of filling.

A quote that is somewhat related to these findings is this of Achim Steiner, UN Under-Secretary General and Executive Director of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) from today: ‘When looking back in 2100 it will be with a certain irony when realising it was actually fossil fuels that caused climate change; what did we do as the Arctic melted? Went straight in and drilled for more oil.’

This week I have been attending Arendalsuka, as GRID hosted some very relevant debates on the future of the Arctic. Something that was mentioned was that the High North, in this context meaning all Arctic affairs, are not on the national agenda (often enough), whereas it is a very hot topic in international news! A good place to start to get more informed is if you feel you are missing out on what’s happening, it can lead you to the right places.

To finish of this brief post- Sara Olsvig, Member of the Danish Parliament, and Member of the Parliament of Greenland (Inatsisartut) said an actual problem for the indigenous population in the Arctic is how the Arctic animals are always portrayed as being cute and fluffy, when the people living there needs them for food and sees them as nothing different than the farming animals of the south, and how it is not helping when climate campaigners focus too much on just how cute the polar animals are.


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