Early stages

Since the last blog entry, I’ve mainly done some reading (see illustration below). The book ‘Den nye nordområdepolitikken’ = ‘The New North Area Politics’ got me feeling very grateful that I get to research something I find both so interesting and meaningful!




Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the field trip to the North has been delayed until July. Meanwhile, I’ve gotten an excellent contact at the University of Nordland, PhD student Astri Dankertsen who tipped me of who to contact to get in touch with my interviewees, so I contacted:

– Várdobaiki in Evenes muncipality

– Árran in Tysfjord municipality

– Kåfjord in North-Troms (Lyngen, Kvænangen, Gáivuotna Kåfjord, Skjervøy and Storfjord municipality)

– Porsanger municipality

– Nesseby municipality in Finnmark

– Aja Sami Center

– Sami Language- and Culture Center in Porsanger

– Varanger Sami Museum

– Isak Saba-Center in Nesseby

– A few members of the Norwegian Samis National Association

– The Sami Council

– The Sami Accociation

– Sami Student Accociation in Tromsø


Purely by doing research from afar on this fascinating and secretive part of Norway, I realize how much there still is to discover, and I can hardly wait until I can visit!


Stay tuned for more (regular) blogpost!